Why Group Fitness Classes?

"Together, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results." - Becka Schoettle

Group fitness classes offer numerous benefits, both physical and psychological. Here are some of the key advantages:


1. **Motivation and Accountability:** Working out in a group setting can provide a higher level of motivation and accountability. The presence of others can encourage individuals to push themselves harder and stay committed to their fitness goals.


2. **Structured Workouts:** Group fitness classes are well designed, structured and effective workouts. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who may struggle with creating their own exercise routines.


3. **Variety and Fun:** Group classes offer a variety of exercises and activities, keeping workouts interesting and engaging. The social aspect of exercising with others can make the experience more enjoyable, turning fitness into a fun and social activity.


4. **Expert Guidance:** Instructors are trained professionals who can provide guidance on proper form, technique, and modifications. This helps participants perform exercises correctly, reducing the risk of injury.


5. **Social Interaction:** Group fitness classes provide an opportunity for social interaction, fostering a sense of community among participants. Building connections with others who share similar fitness goals can contribute to a supportive and positive environment.


6. **Consistency:** Having scheduled classes establishes a consistent workout routine. Regular attendance at group fitness sessions contributes to long-term fitness habits.


7. **Increased Intensity:** Group settings often create a dynamic and energetic atmosphere. The collective energy and encouragement from classmates can inspire individuals to push themselves harder, leading to increased workout intensity.


8. **Adaptability:** Classes are designed to accommodate participants of various fitness levels. We offer modifications for exercises, allowing individuals to adjust the intensity based on their abilities and goals.


9. **Time Efficiency:** Group fitness classes provide a time-efficient way to work out. With a pre-planned routine and a set duration, participants can maximize their workout within a specific time frame.


10. **Emotional Support:** Sharing the challenges and successes of fitness journeys with a group can provide emotional support. Participants often find inspiration and motivation from the progress and achievements of their peers.


In summary, group fitness classes offer a combination of physical benefits, expert guidance, motivation, and social support, making them a brilliant option for individuals seeking a well-rounded, enjoyable and affordable fitness experience.

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The Classes

Join us on a journey to redefine your limits and embrace a healthier, more vibrant you. We curate invigorating classes designed to elevate your fitness levels and inspire lasting change. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a beginner, discover the perfect blend of motivation and sweat in our diverse range of classes. Let's sculpt your best self together!

Monday Unleashed

Mondays @ 1945

Sweat, Smile, Repeat – You Got This!

Kick off your week with Monday Unleashed, the fitness class that turns "Ugh, Monday" into "Yeah, Monday!" It's not your average workout - Monday Unleashed: because who says Monday can't be a total riot?

20 20 20 Tuesdays

Tuesdays @ 0600

Lets Make Tuesdays Legendary

Unleash the Tuesday energy! Join us for 20-20-20 Tuesdays! - the perfect workout cocktail - 20 mins to sweat, 20 mins to sculpt, and 20 mins to stretch out the excuses.....It's like a Netflix binge for your health, but way more entertaining! No judgment, just good vibes and great moves. 

Snow Fit Wednesdays

Wednesdays @ 1945

Snowbody like you: Join the snow fitness revolution

The midweek workout designed for those gearing up for the slopes. An hour of practical exercises that mimic the moves needed for a day on the mountains. Led by an experienced ski instructor, the vibe is laid-back yet focused. With some good tunes and a no-nonsense approach, we skip the fluff and dive straight into workouts that build strength, agility, and balance. It's a solid workout led by someone who knows the slopes inside out. So, if you're serious about hitting the mountains with confidence, join us for a practical Wednesday night session that's as straightforward as it gets.

Oh My God It's Early!

Thursdays @ 0600

Absurdly early, seriously fun -  rise, shine, and sweat before the sun even hits snooze!

Rise and shine -- okay we know what you're thinking—why on earth would anyone willingly choose to break a sweat at the crack of dawn? Well, picture this: a high-energy, butt-kicking session that not only jumpstarts your metabolism but also leaves you feeling like a superhero who conquered the day before most people even hit the snooze button. It's not just a workout; it's a sunrise rendezvous with your inner champion. Join us in defying the gravitational pull of those cozy sheets and embrace the endorphin-fueled euphoria that comes with crushing your fitness goals before the world even knows what hit it. So, set that alarm, lace up those trainers, and let's make "Oh My God, It's Early!" the sunrise saga of your fitness journey. The early bird catches the gains!

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